Mr & Mrs King - Isabelle Ghaneh

Well they picked a good day, depending on how you look at it; the eclipse of April 8th is a New Moon, and it is in Aries, which suggests passion and energy and confirms the newness motif, which is interesting for a couple who have a 35 year history. AND, it does belong to Saros series 129 which, according to Bernadette Brady’s book The Eagle and The Lark is a kind of Pluto Venus Mars passion fest! And so of course there is that!

Seriously, eclipses no longer hold the old archaic theory of portending evil and bad things. Sill, considering there are 365 days in a year it’s too bad they couldn’t have picked one without the eclipse energy pounding on it. Prince Charles and chart

Looking at both charts in synastry, here are two people who truly were meant to be together no matter how they got there. Camilla, July 17th, 1947, 7:10 am, London; Charles, November 14, 1948, 9:14 pm, London. Both have early Leo risings, and so they think alike and are both beholden to the royal way of life and doing things in accordance to it‘s strictures. What might have been anathema to Lady Diana Spencer is mother’s milk to these two. They were both born and bred and brought up to the ways and wherefores of the royalty enclave and both approve and cater to it, along with each other.

Mrs. King has her Sun safely hidden in the 12th house of secrets, so the long affair was satisfying to her. She not only could live with it, but truth be told preferred it. She didn’t have to change her life for the public cameras as Diana did and she could be herself hidden away as she was.Camilla PB with chart

With so many planets in Cancer and in the 12th house, including the all important Sun and Moon, Mrs. King is a home based maternal soul, and her likes are home husband children and country (substituting Mr. King as her real if unacknowledged husband for these many years). The two additional 12th house placements are Venus and Mercury, which is a pretty full 12th house emphasis and a lot of water hidden away.

Charles and Camilla have a lot of synastry comparisons that are ideal for a long term couple who are finally tying the knot. If they were born in Liverpool they’d be the comfortable souls at the local pub who finally decided to make it legal. Considering the aristocratic bent they both share and the oodles of money they have that seems far fetched but in truth its who they are, relationship-wise, two people who neglected to make it legal and finally decide to do the right thing, when they are almost approaching grandparenthood.*

Charles is a watery emotional Scorpio with his Moon in sensual stable Taurus and his rising sign is the aforementioned royal Leo sign. He blends (in some ways) perfectly with Camilla and not only because their ascendants are married together at only 3 or 4 degrees apart. His Sun is conjunct her Jupiter, surely a sign of great benefit toward each other. They like each other, truly, and want only the best for each other.

To collate the picture their Sun’s trine each other being in the same element, water, which is a very good placement for a long term relationship. Charles’s Venus trines Camilla’s Mars, an excellent placement for passionate and sexual love.

Without going through every aspect, one thing stood out to me looking at a comparison of the charts. Charles has very little Uranus placements to Camilla, which can be indicative of a volatile short lived passion. But, what I did see was the amount of Neptunian aspects Charles has to Camilla’s placements. His Neptune squares her Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus., trines Mars and sextiles Saturn. It’s opposite Camilla’s 10th house, along with his Venus. I wonder if Charles sees Camilla as she really is or how he wants her to be.

On the other hand, Camilla has an enormous amount of Mars and Uranus aspects to Charles’ planets, and her Saturn conjuncts his ascendant. Her relationship to him is more complicated than his to her, according to the chart comparisons, anyway. Charles, with his Venus conjunct his Neptune, has a Venusian echo to all his Neptunian placements, whereas Camillas are a mixture of Mars, Saturn and Uranus; suggesting sexual desire and drive; duty, status and longevity; and excitement. And with all those planets in the 12th house, she is truly one hard nut to crack concerning how she really feels about anyone or anything. She knows of course but you won’t catch her blabbing on TV anytime soon.

Will it be a happy marriage? To me that’s a moot question since the two people have been basically married off and on for many years even though not legally. It’s more a new step in their relationship, a finalization of what first occurred many years ago and then carried on into the present day.


* Its interesting, to me, anyway, that on the day I wrote this I read that night on the newswires that Charles and Camilla had changed their wedding locale, and were now getting married at the local registry office, since marrying at Windsor Castle would have meant ‘commoners’ could request that site for the next three years (poor Queen Liz). So it would be interesting to see what the actual time of the I Do’s are, since I would expect an earth sign to be ruling, earth bringing the common touch to anything it affects. Earth is after all the element of gardening (in the earth) and the expressions salt of the earth, down to earth, etc. resonant with the implications of this element. So we shall see!