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UK Riots - An Astrological Comment

By Glenda Cole

In 1979 a Tory government came in to power, lead by Margaret Thatcher. At the time the UK economy was considered to be facing severe problems, including inflation running into double figures. In seeking to amend this, Thatcher's government immediately raised taxes and interest rates and made cuts to public spending, particularly welfare and social security spending. These policies were to hit the poor the hardest.

As a result of these policies, by 1980 Britain had been plunged into a full scale recession, with unemployment hitting an unprecedented three million. At the time there was widespread criticism aimed at Thatcher, who adamantly refused to change course on any of those policies.

In 1981 an event occurred that triggered a summer of riots throughout the UK, when police were thought to have refused to get help for a young black youth who had been stabbed. This event lead to what are now known as the Brixton Riots. The Asian community had been feeling increasingly disenfranchised. The Police had been given new powers to question people about their immigration status. Resentment arose about how the police applied these laws, in particular to the Asian community. Economic hardship and these feelings of being targeted by the police lead to the riots.

When looking at events that affect a country a look at Sun entering the cardinal signs (called ingress charts) can give an insight into the events, especially compared to that country's chart. The Aries ingress in particluar, gives an insight into the whole year.

1981 catalyst

If we look at the previous Aries ingress to the 1981 riots (above), and compare it to the UK 1801 chart (below), we can see that the ingress occurred at the same time as a Full Moon. The ingress is always going to be opposite the 1801 UK Uranus, the planet of rebellion, but it's not always going to have a Full Moon contacting this planet. Note also the involvement with Mars conjunct the ingress Sun and thus opposing the UK's Uranus. By the time of the catalyst event that triggered the riots, Mars has moved through the zodiac and is now square the UK Moon. The Moon represents the public and this square shows the public discontent.

1981 ingress uk dual

Also if we look at the chart for the 1981 catalyst chart (above) we can see that Mars (planet of anger and aggression) is now opposing Pluto (planet of violent upheaval). Further riots were to follow in July of that year

Fast forward thirty years and we have another Tory government who, as soon as they were elected, introduced austerity measures which included severe cutbacks to the welfare state. Again these have had the most impact on the poorest of society. Not only that, but any chance of the poor bettering themselves has been taken away by the introduction of unaffordable university fees. And again there is tension between the police and black communities.

A catalyst incident again triggered a series of riots, starting in Tottenham and spreading throughout the country (on going as I write)

2011 ingress uk dual

So what of the Aries ingress chart this time? (above) No full moon this time but as you can see the Sun is conjunct Uranus, so we again have the planet of civil unrest emphasised. Also note Pluto on the UK's IC and squaring the UK ascendant.

2011 catalyst

If we look at the catalyst chart we see that Mars is opposing Pluto as it did in 1981 - this time we have the added factor of both planets squaring Uranus, indicating the suddenness and violence of the current riots

2011 eclipse

Finally just take a look at the previous eclipse chart to these current events in relation to the UK chart. Note it is exactly on the UK’s Midheaven. Also note that the degree of this eclipse is conjunct the 1981 catalyst Moon. History is repeating itself but in a far more intense and violent way than the previous incident.

I am neither condoning nor condemning the riots, just making astrological comment – these charts show that economic factors have a bearing on both events. There is far more that can be studied here. I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg.

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