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The Tottenham Shooting and the Riots

by Ron Howland

When Sir Robert Peel introduced the first policemen onto the streets of London in 1829, he was responding to the unfettered criminality then pervading the city.(1) Peel's prototype policing force grew into the modern Metropolitan Police Force (Met) of London, which became the model for police forces throughout the UK. Originally set up to maintain the Queen's peace, policing has moved on from the Bobby on the beat pounding pavements as a visible presence, armed only with a truncheon. It is now a highly sophisticated paramilitary force equipped with the latest surveillance tools, firearm response teams, helicopters and the like. As secretive (PL) as the criminals it is constantly combating (SU=180=PL), there are within the Met many simultaneously running opwerations. It has been reported that one of these operations, known as Trident, shot and killed Mark Duggan in Tottenham Hale, London, on Aug 4, 2011 at around 6.15pm,(2) see Biwheel. The full facts surrounding this event have yet to emerge, but the transiting PL on the Met MC is an indication of the life and death situations the Met are frequently becoming involved in.

Duggan's death has been followed by riots and looting around London on a scale never seen before. The previous worst riots were those in Brixton in April 1985, when SA=90=MC the Met chart. This current spate is of an entirely different order, and as I write this (Aug 9 2011) the Met has been stretched to its extremes in maintaining the Queen's peace MA and UR have both yet to aspect the Met MC, so order may not be returned for a few days to come, possibly longer as disorder has now spread to other towns and cities.

Note, that PL passing over the Met MC carries an ominous significance comparable to July 22 2005, when Charles de Menezes was shot with transiting PL=90=MA in the Met chart

(1)The first officers went on duty at 6 pm, Sept 29th 1829 The Queen's Peace David Ascoli, Hamish Hamilton, 1975

(2) BBC news, passim.

Ron Howland. London, UK. Aug 9, 2011.

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