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Prince George of Cambridge

Roy Gillett offers a brief first impression of his birth chart

With the transiting Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer crossing the Sun, Moon and North Node of Prince William's birth chart and approaching the Duchess of Cambridge's natal Moon and a trine to her Jupiter in Scorpio, the first three weeks of July 2013 were packed with possible days for the birth of their first child. (See charts below)

When her confinement was announced early on 22nd July and no news more before the Sun's 1657 BST Leo ingress, or even before the Full Moon at 1917 BST, visions grew of a regal Leo prince with an imperial Sagittarian ascendant. Then came that late notice - the new prince had been born hours earlier at 16:24 BST.

During the years 2008-20, severe outer planetary configurations indicate that our world and its people are confronted with unavoidable realities. These will lead to disastrous destructive disunity, if we do not open our hearts to change.

The British Royal Family is well known for finding themselves naturally drawn toward (or choosing?) highly charged cosmic moments. So, it may seem strange that, after waiting for so many days, the new prince "chose" to be born a mere 33 minutes short of the Sun's Leo ingress. Or is it? His Cancer Sun / Capricorn Moon position is the reversal of his mother's sign positions. The Mars / Pluto rulership of his Scorpio ascendant emphasises this Cancer / Capricorn focus. The earlier time keeps the planet in sign elements tightly focussed in Earth and Water - no air and just one fire planet - Uranus. Four Cancer planets in the 8th in a grand trine to Saturn in Scorpio (11th) and Neptune / Chiron in Pisces (3th) suggest a kind healing way of communicating that is strongly protective of others. When serving others he will not allow his passions to get the better of him.

chart of Prince George of Cambridge

If you want to understand the person, check up the atmosphere of the day and nearby days into which he is born. Certainly the grand trine in water seems to be suggesting an atmosphere of things getting better, even "recovery under way". Yet, as the planetary connections suggest, the undercurrents are not so positive. It seems that problems are "waiting the in wings" to emerge and demand resolution. These challenges and pressures are reflected in the new prince's birth chart. Ruling Mars may be just past a conjunction to Jupiter exalted in Cancer, but both apply to oppose the joint ruler Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries - social conflicts, challenges over the nature of authority threaten the stability of the kingly tradition. While these would be inauspicious indicators in medieval times of absolute monarchy and factional fighting, maybe today's rapidly changing world needs a champion who understands the way to security is through universal understanding, not prejudiced defence of personal interest.

Venus having entered Virgo, on the day of his birth and applying to oppose Neptune, will heighten his sense of duty and style. Venus, being in the 9th house those high quality first photographs with that perfect first "hand wave", will be remembered and always stay with him. Having instantly travelled the world, they have established high expectations every time he is mentioned.

At such times many of us are tempted to project our expectations upon our own offspring. So it will be that individuals and groups will project their opinions and solutions to the problems of the world upon the one they expect to be their future King. It will not, of course, be exactly the way that any of us today think it will be. Many will not be alive when he comes to rule. His nature is extremely nurturing. The chart is full of practical realism and healing in the face of adversity. It is not the chart of a kingly lord, but regenerating mother/father. Hopefully, his caring skills will combine those we have come to admire in his grandparents and parents. Perhaps he will find ways to be better heard, or in tune, or maybe the world will have matured sufficiently and stopped mocking and taking sides.

If the latter part of the 21st century is not ready for such a kindly figurehead, it may not be ready for a King at all.

chart of the Duchess of Cambridge

chart of Prince William

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