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A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

by Roy Gillett

What is there to add to the immediate, full-flowing tributes from our world leaders that greeted the news of Nelson Mandela's passing?

I have been one of the increasing millions of supporters of the anti-apartheid movement, since meeting representatives of the ANC at University in the mid-1960s. More recently, Nelson Mandela has been a central example in my Astrology, Karma and Reincarnation presentation to groups and conferences. Click here to view a power point file covering this part of the presentation. It is carefully animated, so that by pressing the forward arrow key you are taken through the birth chart and then three tri-wheels. The highlights that pop up emphasise the sensational astrology present when he was imprisoned, released and became President of the new South Africa. The astrology shows the exceptional difficulties he was born to endure and the incredible benefits that come from mastering them.

It has been said that that the passing of great souls disperses their nature so that it enhances the whole of humanity. Christians may feel there is another angel back in heaven, still working for us there. Everyone can agree that bringing Nelson Mandela's selfless, idealistic honesty and care for others to the forefront of world consciousness, as we prepare for further build up of a most traumatic grand cross in the first half of 2014, could be a glorious final great service to humanity of the life of this remarkable man.

May his passing not be in vain!

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