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The Labours of Labour

by Jenni Dean Harte

Written: 5 June 2009

As above, so below. On 5 June the Sun was at 15 Gemini 07 exactly square Saturn at 15 Virgo 15. Communications and speeches challenged by the details and the facts. This was the scenario shortly before a Full Moon and both the 1801 UK chart and Gordon Brown’s are alight with potent transits.

Before that Full Moon, the Moon in Scorpio, just past a square to UK Venus (in Aquarius—the people) and trine the UK Moon in Cancer (also the people), during local elections then crossed UK Neptune during a cabinet reshuffle in the midst the vote count. Transiting Mercury in Taurus had filled the headlines with MP expense abuses involving members of all parties for much of the preceding month. The voters expressed their opinions of expense fiddling and following the elections, 4 June, Labour no longer hold control of a single county council. At the same time serving government ministers resigned in their numbers.

The transiting North Node opposed UK Jupiter at 2 Leo in the 10th house, by less than a degree. With the South Node conjunct Jupiter and both transiting Mars in Taurus, and Venus, only hours from its Taurus ingress squaring those points the pressure on UK government was profound.

Transiting Mars will shortly conjoin UK Mars at 12 Taurus, a revamp of government cabinet is only the first chapter in an unfolding story of dissolution. Once Mars reaches itself it will then quickly square UK Venus at 17 Aquarius and then oppose UK Neptune at 19 Scorpio before the end of the month. Relationships will change dramatically and quickly whatever plans are made, guaranteed too by transiting Pluto’s square (from the 3rd house) to UK Uranus at 2 Libra rising in the 12th. During his press conference, yet another minister resigned.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown will not remember this day fondly. Remember, he’s a 12th house guy and doesn’t really like being caught in the headlights. Following the trouncing of his party and the abandonment of his ministers he stated to the press, “I will not waver, I will not walk away.” And, “I will get on with the job and I will finish the work.” Considering the UK Mars transits above, it’s difficult to see how he will hang on to the power he was never elected to wield and he looks likely to be shoved.

Brown’s MC is 5 Capricorn, his natal Chiron is 1 Capricorn, transiting Pluto continues to put him under enormous pressure through the rest of 2009 and will reach his MC in February 2010, there is nowhere to hide and not much support either. As Saturn transits opposing his Jupiter, there’s still more pressure on his leadership. Uranus too will return to Brown’s Mars Venus conjunction at 23-24 Pisces, station nearby and cross them for the final time in December. It’s difficult to imagine that he can retain the premiership until the end of the year.

In fact, the Full Moon, 22 June at 1 Cancer 30 may be another day he will not much like. The writing is on the wall, and by that Full Moon, Brown’s ministerial role may already be history. The question is, who will Labour put forward as a replacement for the head of the party? Much remains to be seen, European elections not even mentioned here, yet.

Illustration by G Cole, background money image courtesy of http://www.freefoto.com

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