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Hell in Haiti

by Jenni Dean Harte

January 2010

chart of Haiti and national flag

Along with a tight Mars-Chiron conjunction in early Capricorn, square natal Saturn, and the natal Sun at 11 Capricorn, Haiti was hit by the lunar eclipse on New Year'€™s Eve. Then, on 12 January the island was hit by a massive 7 point earthquake just a few miles south of Port au Prince, devastating the capital and killing more than an estimated 50,000 people at this writing (14/1) and displacing more than 3 million survivors. The earthquake has ruined the capital and, for now, the country. International aid agencies are doing their best to help but challenging conditions on arrival are slowing response. That Mars-Chiron conjunction has never been helpful to Haitians getting things done.

Once one of the richest islands in the Caribbean, Haiti has a turbulent history and is now one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere with a longstanding inadequate infrastructure. However, this impoverished country, the subject of more than 32 coups, is also the only country in the hemisphere established as the result of a successful slave revolution around 1791.

Examination of recent cosmic events reveal that Haiti is in the midst of a Saturn return, the New Year’s Eve eclipse fell exactly on its natal Sun, as well as transiting Pluto and, at the time of the earthquake, transiting Mercury Rx, both sitting on that Mars-Chiron conjunction. An upheaval of some kind would have been predictable but the extent of the event has been ruinous, literally bringing down the Presidential Palace, the local UN peacekeepers' building, the World Bank HQ there and almost every other building in the capital.

Unhappily, the transiting Saturn-Pluto square found the ideal place to manifest with disastrous consequences now and for the foreseeable future. The heartbreaking scenes following Haiti’s earthquake have made sad viewing for the world. This is a country which can ill afford such pain, financially or emotionally, but transiting Pluto trine its natal Moon has already encouraged a huge international commitment to assist its people.

Chart Data: Haiti: 1 January 1804 (exact time unknown), Gonaives, 19 N 27, 72 W 41 (BWH).

Image created by Glenda Cole


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