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The Last Moments of the Libyan Dictator

Given the emotional intensity of the time, we may never know the exact details of the end of Muammar Gaddafi's life. What is certain is that the astrology clearly shows its trauma and profound nemesis.

Death chart of Gadaffi

Muammar Gaddafi Death Time? 20th October 2011; 1200 EET; Sirte, Libya

NATO confirmed that it struck a convoy of four-wheel vehicles travelling 3 kilometres west of Sirte. When the NTC troops arrived they found charred bodies and evidence of escape from some of the vehicles. Finally Gaddafi and his supporters were tracked down to that now infamous drainage tunnel under the road. From here he was captured alive, but died in transit some time afterwards. The convoy left soon after morning prayers and was struck (according to NATO records) at 8.30 EET. Around 11.30 BST (12.30 EET), BBC News was broadcasting unconfirmed reports of Gaddafi’s capture and possible death.

The chart for 12:00 EET above shows the ascendant about to enter Capricorn with Pluto rising. Saturn (Capricorn's ruler) culminates in Libra, ruled by Venus by house and sign. Venus is in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto and Mars by sign, and by Venus by house. As mentioned, Pluto rises in Capricorn. Mars is in Leo in the 8th, ruled by the Sun by sign and house. The Sun is in Libra in the 10th, ruled by Venus by both sign and house. This packed self-confirming pattern of rulerships focuses the chart on the 1st, 10th and 8th houses, with the planets of death and transformation (Pluto) and karma (Saturn) most strongly focussed. The brutal chaos fits the very late Cancer Moon. Death leading to irresistible opportunity to put right past wrongs comes from retrograding Jupiter moving back toward a tight trine to Pluto.

The more one absorbs the symbolism; it becomes clear that the event just had to unfold as it did. Also, it was especially suited to that place. The first planets on the angles emphasised the frightening karmic trauma. The 10th house planets describe the way the news was to spread rapidly around the world, as the Sun, Mercury and Venus culminated at the Midheaven in the hours that followed.

Muammar Gaddafi's birth date is usually given as 7th June 1942 in Sirte, Libya, time unknown, although 1st June and even September that year have been suggested. Such imprecision in the recording of births in Bedouin tribes is common. The 7th June 1942 would mean that transiting Jupiter was retrograding across his natal Venus, and both were being trined by transiting Pluto in the period leading to and immediately after his death. During the Jupiter retrograde, it will be easy to get caught up in re-examining its circumstances.

Also, astro academics may wish to research and even rectify the charts. However, the idealists among us may prefer to focus upon the chart of the announcement of the birth of post-Gaddafi Libya.

New Libya Announced 23rd October 2011; 1700 EET; Benghazi, Libya

Pluto had just culminated, when the NTC declared “we have liberated our beloved country” at that vast meeting in Benghazi. Since the death chart moment, the Sun had trined Neptune and was applying to trine Chiron – a time of healing beliefs. Unfortunately, it was about to square the death chart Moon, and then enter Scorpio. Also, the transiting Moon was squaring the nodal axis. This may explain why Gaddafi’s unburied body and news of summary executions of his supporters in Sirte was to cast a cloud on the glory of the occasion.

This is the first of many charts that will note the progress of the new state, until its full ceremonial birth. 2012 will not be an easy time for such a process. Yet, in the difficult times that lie ahead for us all this virgin nation, starting from scratch out of the debris of its past, may have something to teach about how to remake our world. Sometimes it is necessary to think “out of the box and to pay a heavy price to rid ourselves of what is wrong in the forces that control our lives. Having the courage to do this can bring great rewards.


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