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The UK General Election and New Government

The Astrology of Radical Change?

This updated version includes studies written in January 2010 for the March 2010 Astrological Journal, mid April just after the first Prime Minister's debate, 8th May, when the results were known and 13th May, when the new government was finally in place. They show how well events follow the astro-cycles and that astrology can be used to understand, anticipate and access the nature and significance of what is happening

The short introductory paragraph that follows was written mid-April

Here are the charts for the closing of the polls and the leaders of the three main parties. Most of the commentary, written late January 2010 and published in the March edition of The Astrological Journal, is relevant. However, recent information from Nick Clegg's campaign team gives his birth time as 5.30 am (not 8 am) - another private source has suggested 5.56 am. Both new times indicate a more dynamic and successful person. The possibilities that follow from this new information are in the added comments written in italics.

The long section that follows was written in January 2010 and published in the March 2010 Astrological Journal.

chart for election 2010

On 6th May 2010, a packed stellium in the 3rd house of the 10pm closing of the polls chart also has a Saturn / Uranus opposition in mutable Virgo / Pisces across the MC/IC axis. Unsurprisingly, this suggests the UK election will be full of hot, emotional anxiety about change, reliability, betrayal, hidden agendas and integrity. With Mercury trined Pluto and the Sun trined North Node in earthy Taurus / Capricorn, candidates offering complete, but realistic renewal will be well received. Yet Taurus-ruler Venus is weakly aspected in Gemini in the 7th. So, being totally convinced by the real intentions behind the words of any candidate will be difficult. What are the facts that claims are based upon? The most likely outcome is the election of the least unacceptable party on a programme that makes the least bad sense. Having an appetite for new ideas and the flexibility to learn on the job will help. For the astrology of the coming years suggests the world is on the cusp of massive changes that few, if any, of the present world leaders seem to ready to anticipate.

Gordon Brown's chart

With transiting Jupiter just past Gordon Brown's 12th house Venus and transiting Mars midpoint his Moon/Pluto conjunction on the cusp of the 6th, few candidates will work harder to re-election. Also, transiting Venus is trining the midpoint of his progressed Moon Neptune conjunction on his natal descendant. His plight will engender sympathy. Opponents will denigrate or mock the man at their peril. Will this enable him to be seen as a rough hewn Piscean saviour? Tantalisingly and agonisingly for him, transiting Mercury is retrograding back from his progressed Mercury that is also retrograding back* from progressed Mars, suggesting time is running out for his ideas. As well as Gordon Brown's own errors of judgement, many may feel he has to pay for colluding in the cavalier and arrogant mistakes of his predecessor.

David Cameron's chart

For some time now, it has been the popular perception that the next General Election was David Cameron's to lose. He became Conservative leader with his Virgo progressed Mars confronting his opponent's natal Mars. So this gentle Libran became the clunking fist at Prime Minister's question time. As his assumed coronation approaches things are proving more difficult. It is easier to be the voice of all dissenters and resenters of the status quo than appear ready and devise acceptable policies for one of the most difficult situations ever faced peace time Britain. His chart shows it. On 14th November 2009, transiting Saturn crossed his ascendant and squared Pluto on his IC. The dreamy pleasure of success was replaced by harsh reality. He could be forgiven for wondering whether this was what he really wanted. Fortunately or unfortunately, whichever way you see it, there are several indications that leadership of the country is a burden it will be difficult for him to avoid. Near polling day, transiting Jupiter conjuncts his Saturn in the 6th, and then on 19th June 2010 conjuncts his natal descendent and trines his Jupiter in the 10th. Transiting Venus conjuncts his natal Sun in the 1st and transiting Uranus trines his progressed Sun - time for a change! Auspiciously, transiting Sun conjuncts his North Node in the 8th and the transiting south node has just trined his natal one - the return of the ruling classes? The MC of the close of polls chart is two degrees before his natal ascendant. With transiting Saturn holding back in his 12th from mid-March until 8th August, there may even be the chance of a honeymoon? Not for long. With Saturn moving direct on 30th May it is likely to be a summer of hot realism time to face the music whether in power or not!!

Nick Clegg's chart

Nick Clegg and his Liberal Party deserve consideration. The Sun trines his on General Election day. Like David Cameron, his Saturn is being transited by Jupiter. Five bodies in the Clegg progress chart are in Pisces trining Neptune in Scorpio. During the campaign they are conjuncted by speeding Jupiter. Maybe a cautious public will prefer a Conservative/Liberal coalition with Vince Cable First Secretary of the Treasury? With Mars much more prominently placed in the 10th, Sagittarius rising and its ruling Jupiter more tightly trined by the Moon, his campaigning effectiveness is certainly pronounced.

Opinion polls two weeks before polling are suggesting the possibility of Labour having most seats, even if third in the popular vote. At 10pm on polling day 6th May, transiting Jupiter is at 24Pi5. Nick Clegg's progressed Venus is at 24Pi35, Gordon Brown's natal Venus 24Pi17 and David Cameron's natal Saturn at 24Pi48. Who is going to make whom an offer they cannot refuse? Could these astro connections suggest a deal for a one year parliament, during which time the voting system is changed? Bear in mind that Jupiter and Uranus are not fully established in Aries until February/March 2011. For a little while longer there may be a way for everyone to feel have or might yet win!

The section below was written on 8th May 2010

The astrology of the post-election negotiations (added 8th May 2010)

With Jupiter conjuncting the Brown natal Venus on 3rd May and the Clegg progressed Venus on 5th May, a deal between them on electoral reform was hinted as the polls closed and offered when the result was known.

However that same transiting Jupiter conjuncted the Clegg Saturn on 4th May and, crucially, the Cameron Saturn at 4.31 am on polling day. So, David Cameron made the Liberal Democrats an offer that could be refused - in his mind at least!

In the build up to Mercury's 11th May direct station, two choices are on the table:

  1. A tempting Venus option a Lib-Lab (and smaller parties) deal for a one year parliament, during which time the voting system is changed for the benefit of all except the Conservatives! Bear in mind Jupiter and Uranus are not fully established in Aries until February/March 2011. For a little while longer there may be a way for everyone to feel they have won or might yet do so!!

  2. The Jupiter/Saturn option Libran Cameron and Capricorn Clegg, just under three months apart in age,** persuade their supporters to truly change the mould and give to each what the other needs. While there is still time, they clinch a deal that anticipates and seeks new answers to the cardinal challenges that Britain and the world face,

Study the UK charts (Noon, 25th December 1066 and Midnight 1st January 1801 - both in London) and judge for yourself which would be the right decision to make.

The section below was written on13th May 2010

The 'New Politics' Government - Some early pointers

The astrology of the new coalition government could not be a more apt representation of 'New Politics'. The deal was negotiated just as Mercury was moving towards a direct station and finally clinched by both party groups late in the evening of the 11th May 2010, just before the exact station at 23.37 BST. The next day, ministers were announced and settled in through the last waning days of the lunar cycle to be ready for the new start from after the New Moon at 02.05 BST on Friday 14th. With both David Cameron and Nick Clegg having their natal Saturn at 24 degrees Pisces and transiting Jupiter exactly there too, it is natural for them to feel excited about making an ambitious pack to transcend major problems. There is more. Both men have their Jupiter in Leo conjunct the UK 1801 chart Jupiter. Nick Clegg's Mercury is conjunct the UK 1066 Chart's natal Sun and the Sun/IC of the UK1801 chart. Also, his Sun is on the UK 1066 chart's Mercury.

David Cameron's Sun represents the Libran and Nick Clegg's the Capricorn points of the upcoming cardinal grand cross, which signifies the real change for Britain and the world in the years ahead - not the avoidance and delay we have been crossing our fingers through since 2008.

The decision to aim for a fixed 5-year parliament is entirely suited to the challenges that the astro-cycles show are ahead. Through this time, the transiting outer planet positions connect powerfully with both UK charts. Real solutions will need courageous foresight, not back door manipulation and points scoring. The dominance of twelfth house ways in the corridors of power is at last over. What a refreshing change it would be to feel our leaders are less fraught and defensive, and that well-intentioned manipulative, fear-based, knee-jerk reaction ways of working are a thing of the past.

Compare the two UK Charts below to those of the politicians above and assess and judge for yourself how things may go.

*Gordon Brown's progressed Mercury went into retrograde station in August 2004, just as the pressure for him to replace Tony Blair was gathering momentum.

**Note that The Cameron progressed Saturn has retrograded back to 22Pi56, while the Clegg progressed Saturn has advanced to 28Pi38.

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