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The Eclipse and the New Millennium

By Roy Gillet

Why is the eclipsed union of the Sun and the Moon on 11th August 1999 "the astrological entry point to the new millennium"?

Nicholas Campion's succinctly put claim on the cover of the brochure for the Astrological Association's 1999 Annual Conference needs to be seen in its full astrological context to understand its force.

The eclipse of the Sun in its own sign of Leo occurs at a crucial corner of a grand cross combining Mars in its ruling Sign of Scorpio, Uranus in its ruling Sign of Aquarius, and Saturn (with Jupiter approaching) in Taurus - all Fixed Signs. In addition, for several weeks afterward, the dominance of fixed planets increases to the point where every one except for Pluto is in a fixed sign. Looking ahead to May 2000, we see all seven of the traditional planets in Taurus.

This dominance of fixed energy, combined with the Leo eclipse and hence a fixed Aquarius/Leo nodal axis, has very powerful symbolism. Fixed ideas (Aquarius) confront fixed egos (Leo), while both are at odds with fixed emotions (Scorpio) and a fixed attitude towards possessions (Taurus). Fixed energy is the basis of world structures. Hence, the ability to "get around" and avoid issues that has dominated world and individual affairs for some years, will no longer be an option. Nations, economies, and individuals will be confronted with reality. Decisions will have to be made and organisations established that are real and lasting.

In ecology, we can already see this happening in the debates on cloning and genetic engineering. In finance, the G7/8 nations are attempting to manage the world economy out of potential disaster. In politics, the pressure to solve issues such as Kosova, Kurdistan, Kashmir, Iraq and Palestine intensifies. In personal lives avoidance of secrets becomes more difficult, as Bill Clinton and Peter Mandelson have found. Laws that restrict individual freedom are being brought in - "zero tolerance" police regimes and immediate confiscation of New York's drunk drivers cars are two examples. Check for others in your area.

Symbolically, the four Fixed Signs are represented by the Lion, the Bull, the Water Carrier and the Eagle. These signs are crucially shown on the twentieth card of the Tarot's Major Acarna - the card of The Last Judgement. The Fixed grand cross has been called the Cross of the Christ. Hence the imagery of judgement, before a major re-awakening of consciousness is focused on this time. The numeric changing of the calendar from 1900s to 2000s is adding to public consciousness of a new beginning. The breakdown (which has been building to this point throughout the 20th century) of old assumptions is becoming stronger. We are at that crisis point of moral uncertainty that comes before a new ethical system emerges.

This crisis of values and authority is leading to rampant fundamentalism in a "last ditch" attempt to go back to the past. It can be seen in all the world's major religions - Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and even Buddhism, as well as ethnic nationalism. Such fixed attitudes point to sources of potential disaster, that could bring great suffering and war. Trying to see humanity as one people with common needs - the higher, ultimate fundamentalism - is the challenge of this time, which could build a more enlightened and happier world.

With Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, the emphasis on electronic technology that brings in-form-ation and other-people access to in-dividuals throughout the world will continue to accelerate. It will challenge beliefs systems, based on narrow cultural assumptions, through into the next century and beyond. Increasingly technology is offering "virtual" satisfaction to desires, that people in the past had to work towards for whole lifetimes. The decisions of moral choice this forces upon us can only intensify.

Eclipses have been found to mark changes, whose influences grow for many months after the event. Because the 11th August 1999 event is so integrated with the larger cosmic picture, it is correct to claim that it will be "the astrological entry point to the new millennium".

Roy Gillett is Chair of the Astrological Association.

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