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The Hacking Crisis

Astrology explains the timing of Rebekah Brooks' resignation

Astrology clearly answers the two key questions asked by countless commentators throughout the News International saga.

Why is the relationship between Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks so close?

Venus in Aquarius, Murdoch's only air planet, is closely trined to Brooke's Sun, a key part of her powerful Gemini stellium that fills his empty sixth house of employees. What a wonderful godsend of air to an authoritarian (Saturn in Capricorn rising), incisively intuitive enabler (intense multiple Pisces to Cancer 4th to 7th-8th house) seeking to build a media empire!

Why did she not resign earlier?

Around the moment that the resignation was announced, the Murdoch natal-ascendant-ruling Saturn had progressed to 22Cp41, while the Brooks progressed-ascendant-ruling Venus had progressed to an exact opposition 22Cn40. At 7.41 BST that morning, the Full Moon Sun axis had been full at 22Cn/Cp28 - quite a night at the Murdoch household!

These charts and many other charts offer a fascinating insight in to the many faceted dynamic events and yet again show clearly that when great events are afoot astrology really works and explains what is happening.

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