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by Jenni Dean Harte

September 2009

No, I don't think wunch is really a word but is certainly provides a little light relief at a time when bankers and their industry are generally viewed with scepticism, if not outright disgust, by pretty much everyone, pretty much every where on the planet except the wunch. The phrase 'green shoots of recovery' now appearing regularly as headlines already suggests a cynical expectation that a year after the massive global economic collapse, things are beginning to return to 'normal.' Most astrologers would beg to differ. What was normal, certainly isn't normal anymore, the banks and the people running them are working in a destructive, broken system, having drained off what cash they could through (still rising) executive salaries and outlandish bonuses. High or low risk, it's clear that if they can they will continue to siphon as much money as they can for themselves.

Following recent UK business headlines about the Phoenix Group, a few guys who managed to skim more than £40 million during the collapse of MG Rover, one of the few remaining auto manufacturers. There's an outcry for criminal prosecution. Top corporate employees in other industries too, are guilty of, at the very least, attempts to continue to rip off both the tax payer and their shareholders.

As we experience yet another Saturn Uranus opposition, we're watching the unfolding, or should that be unravelling, world of bankers. Both US President Obama and UK Prime Minister Brown on 14 September, the day before the current opposition, warned bankers against complacency. President Obama tutored Wall Streeters against complacency and not to fight reforms. Gordon Brown said that he's 'appalled' by bankers bonuses. After Brown's years as Chancellor of the UK and his solid stance against tighter regulation of the financial industry, it's more than a little ironic. Obama, on the other hand, can at least distance himself from the causes of the disruption to international cash flow.

So Saturn as he now moves swiftly through the final degrees of Virgo, urges us (and the bankers) let go of anything past it's sell-by date. And surely, the wild, excessive, risk taking financial practices have more than expired. Uranus in Pisces has left quite an impression on those victims (the majority of the planet's population) of the greed and stupidity of those who wish to personally profit at everyone's expense.

Something completely different

On September 14 Keith Floyd, the flamboyant and very opinionated chef credited with bringing cooking to television, died in Dorset England. Another Keith, Keith Allen--Lily's daddy for those who may not know--went to France a not long ago to interview Floyd. Ever the consummate showman, Jupiter in Leo, Floyd had a massive heart attack and died while the programme aired in the UK! Transit Pluto near his Sun, everything transiting Aquarius trine his Saturn and Venus conjunct his Jupiter (opposite transiting Chiron), and (probably) transiting Moon just past opposition to his Moon/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn, the final show. Way to go Mr Floyd! Keith Floyd: 28 December 1943, Reading, England 51 N 28, 00 W 59. Time unknown. Data: Wikipedia.

On the same day, Patrick Swayze, the hunkiest dancer of all, died of pancreatic cancer following an unusually lengthy battle against the disease. Swayze, a genuine 'heart-throb' to every fan of the film Dirty Dancing, was born 18 August 1952 in Houston Heights, Texas, 29 N 45, 95 W 22, time unknown

And finally

Those of us who love comedian/actor Eddie Izzard will have been hugely inspired by his completion of the equivalent of 43 marathons in 52 days. Eddie ran 27 miles a day, 6 days a week, across England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland to raise money for the charity Sports Relief - amazing!! But he says anybody could do it. Er, don't think so Eddie. An uber-Aquarius with 6 planets in Aquarius plus the South Node, Sun conjunct Jupiter at 19 Aquarius, he made his 2009 Jupiter return one for the record books. After crossing the finish line at Trafalgar Square, London, and admitting exhaustion (no, really?) he also confirmed that he'd like to run for office (hey, he runs good) some time in the next 10 to 15 years. Nerves of steel and an exact Saturn Mars conjunction that just won't quit. Now that's a good reason for me to get my act together so I can vote for him. Even if you don't love Eddie like I do, you have to admit, the guy is pretty darned special.

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