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A Business Election

by Constantine Zinoni QHP

The election of an auspicious time for any type of undertaking is never an easy matter. More often than not the task is complicated by circumstances that narrow the available time for the election to a handful of days if not hours. Because of this the final election is frequently a compromise among less than good or optimum choices. Such was the case when a brilliant young stylist, design professor at the local college, inquired about the most suitable time to inaugurate his own high fashion design venture he was creating. At the time of the interrogation the workshop and the showroom in which he would carry out his activity were being fitted and decorated. Delivery of the premises was expected before the end of October 2000 and for various reasons he had to inaugurate his new activity between 25 October and 15 November at the latest.

High fashion design and production is a very high added value business, as ordinary and not so ordinary textiles are transformed into dresses whose value is many times greater the original value of the materials used. This conversion process occurs in an alchemical like manner as far as the amalgamation of creativity, inspiration, and ingenuity is concerned. Ramesey (p139) indicates that the Art of Distillation (understood as an act of sublimation to convert something inferior into something of higher worth) or Alchemy appertains to the 2nd house. This means that in this type of election the 2nd house and/or its ruler have to be particularly emphasised along with the 5th house of creativity, besides the other factors inherent in the starting of any business. In addition, since the clientele is mainly feminine, it is be desirable that the planets representing to women and the feminine qualities, like the Moon and Venus, be situated in the election chart as favourably as possible, that is, they should be placed in their dignities and in good houses.

Ideally, this election chart should incorporate the prerequisites of a new business election together with the design demands of high fashion dresses. This election concerns the stylist directly, so it cannot be successfully made without recourse to his natal chart (for privacy reasons chart details are not given here) even if the hour of birth is uncertain.

It is not often that the contractors of the house renovating professions complete their work on time. To avoid the risk of an impossible inauguration date in case of delays, the last few days of October were discarded. As explained above, a strong 2nd house Moon and Venus are important factors and although these will help in designing and creating admirable dresses they do not automatically ensure the success of the firm while the opposite will promise its doom.

Ramesey (p139) indicates that in the election of any 'Work in the Art of Distillation or Alchemy' the planet that rules the matter worked on should be fortified. In this case we have silk, needlework etc., all ruled by Venus. Within the time frame given, Venus finds only some dignity when she enters Capricorn, the sign of her daytime triplicity, during the night of 13 November. A Cancer Moon in is not only strong and desirable but also favourable to selling to an advantage, as pointed out by Ramesey (p137). The Moon enters her sign in the late afternoon of 14 November, to leave it two days later. Since the inauguration can take place only during business hours the only eligible day would be 15 November 2000, the very last possible day.

Venus in the 10th house is the most elevated planet, it is in its day triplicity and term, and it trines the 2nd house, which, according to Ramesey, represents among other things the buying of clothes and the putting on of apparel. Venus is in its triplicity and term, in mutual reception with Saturn and in mixed reception (sign/exaltation) with Mars. This makes Venus the planet with most essential dignities and hence the strongest planet in the chart. The Venus-Saturn mutual reception repeats, in a different way, the exact Venus-Saturn conjunction at 23° Aries in the stylist's nativity. In the natal chart, this conjunction means that the native has an elevated appreciation of beauty and the knowledge of how to produce the desired artistic results (examples: Vanessa Redgrave, Humphrey Bogart, Rudolf Nureyev). This conjunction closely trines the MC of the election chart at 23° Sagittarius suggesting the stylist's positive contribution to the enterprise. The election Venus trines the stylist's natal Moon reiterating the artistic contribution as well as the capacity to deal with the public. Saturn retrograding into the 2nd house could indicate problems in this area but since it is in mutual reception with Venus its disrupting capabilities are somewhat diminished.

The Moon is the next strong planet in the chart, ruling and posited in the 5th house and making a conjunction to the North Node. Lilly considers (p83) the North Node to be a benefic of the same nature as Jupiter and Venus. As there is no eclipse in sight, this conjunction fortifies the 5th house of creativity; an important requirement for this type of undertaking. Furthermore, the election Moon makes a partile trine to the stylist's natal Sun pointing again to his positive contribution to the venture.

Concerning an election chart for the art of distillation or alchemy, Ramesey suggests (p139), that the Ascendant and its dispositor be in mutable signs. This condition is here satisfied, although Jupiter, the ASC ruler, is in detriment and retrograde; an affliction not much relieved by being in its term and face, nor helped by its peregrine dispositor, Mercury. There is some relief however, the election ASC is within 6° of a conjunction with the stylist's natal Sun, the strongest planet in his chart in mutual reception by exaltation and triplicity with his Venus. In addition, if the stylist's birth did not occur too early or too late in the day, the election Mercury receives a benefic sextile from the natal Moon which receives it in its rulership and exaltation. urthermore, Partridge in the Century of Aphorisms (Aphorism 83), explains that when the Lord of the ASC is combust, retrograde, or in his detriment, then you must take the Moon and the Lord of the hour. Here the Moon is the Lord of the hour and very strong as we have seen. All these factors combined make up for Jupiter's feebleness.

As said before, this election combines an artistic-creative part, very important for the duration of the undertaking, with a business component. In evaluating the potential development of any business the incorporation chart is perhaps more useful, but as it is unknown the inauguration chart could provide some clues. In this respect fixed signs on the ASC and angles are preferred as they suggest durability. Instead we have mutable signs, but Mercury the DSC and IC ruler is in a fixed sign, indicating some stability. This enterprise deals in high fashion, a fickle and highly capricious domain in which the capability to react quickly to the moods of the moment is desirable; therefore a combination of mutable and fixed signs is beneficial. Although by being peregrine Mercury is not free from impedi-ment, it is in a good aspect (sextile) to Venus (a benefic) as required.

While the financial houses (2nd and 8th) in this chart are fortified, suggesting a good financial situation overall , the chart is not particularly strong in itself, due to the weakness of the angle rulers. The business component of this chart is much supported by the good aspects from the stylist's natal chart. This suggests that the stylist himself should be very much involved with the running of the company, as there is not much he can delegate. This is also suggested by the Sun, the employees' ruler, opposing Saturn. Given the narrow time frame a compromise had to be made between the alchemical part, as represented by the 2nd house, and the business component. The former was favoured as it was estimated that without a strong 2nd house and ruler the under-taking is unlikely to prosper.

Constantine Zinoni is a retired consulting engineer and has a particular interest in predictive astrology. He lives in France in a border town close to Geneva.

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