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President Obama's astrological chart for the 2012 election

by Jose Peroumal

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The natal chart (left) for the incumbent President of the U.S. has been delineated, using preferentially an equal house system for abstract reasons, which in our view, is more consonant to the tropical astrological concept. At the outset, we are therefore pleased to present our analysis of the forthcoming presidential election, firstly by using the transits of the planets at this special time. Afterward, we will delve into the progressed chart to gain additional insight on the president chances for re-election.

It is generally agreed by professional astrologers that the slow moving planets are indicators of trends which are likely to affect the native for a sustained period of time, relative to the planets involved. However, it is also important, in our opinion, to consider the position of both the sun and the moon to a lesser degree, as it moves faster, but which is capable of triggering the activation of a major configuration in the chart.

The president is essentially a Leo but the sun, though posited in its sign of rulership, is weakened in House VI in the western sector of the natal chart, squaring Neptune in House XI. This aspect characterizes a conflict with the individuality, the self and the ego in its capacity for service and the profound beliefs, idealism and dreams that are cherished at a subconscious level of being. Elaborating on this point, it can be said that the native experienced element of discontent with his status as an average civilian and was henceforth motivated to progress to a higher standard of living in pursuing a more encompassing ideal goal through academic studies. On a more harmonious note, Neptune in trine aspect to natal Venus in cancer bestows upon the native the finer quality of love, art and compassion, underlying the current of liking and affection being generally enjoyed with the female gender at grass root level.

The configuration involving natal Mercury in the sign Leo, also in house VI, in opposition to his Jupiter Saturn conjunction highlights the heavyweight high-mindedness of the scholar which is likewise fraught with conflicts at intellectual level. As a mitigating influence, the natal Gemini moon easy aspect flowing to both Jupiter and Mercury confers the ability to respond articulately on debating issues from the standpoint of both an intellectual and emotional perspective.

Furthermore, the trine aspect of natal Mars in Virgo to Saturn and widely to Jupiter is the mark of the civil right attorney and the politician as a senator. Of note, Neptune is sextile to natal Pluto, ruler of the house of career and is, therefore, no surprise that he aimed to attain high office within the framework of a powerful partnership base, to advance both his social vision of fairness s and equity, along with his own self accomplishment. Indeed, he became president of the United States with important backing, defying all the odds and challenges.

Looking at the planetary transits, we see that the sun has just passed the conjunction with natal Neptune but is now in an applying conjunction with the cusp of house X of profession. While the president may have been subjected to further self evaluation during the campaign, especially at a disadvantage position within the circle of a dominated republican congress, the solar transit poses no immediate threat to his leadership. It is therefore safe to say that he will indeed continue to be in the limelight for the time being.

As for the transit of the Moon at the beginning of counting, it will have just emerged from the conjunction with the natal Sun and moving towards the descendant. In this political climate, it represents the public influence, if not the emotional mood of the president himself, as commander in chief. The interaction of both positive and negative element s creates a heartbeat moment prior to activating the partnership sector of his chart. Further along, there are definite surprises and emotional excitement in store for the president when it conjuncts natal Uranus, ruler of his ascendant, a few hours later.

Moreover, the chart shows that both the ascendant and radical sun are in harmonious aspect with transiting Jupiter in House 4, the sector of domestic matters and the electorate. As ruler of the House of political wishes and goals, the cheerful planet does give cause for optimism, though the influence is diminished in its sign of detriment. Also, the transit of Uranus, ruler of ascendant is in favourable aspect to natal Jupiter and Mercury by a sextile and a trine respectively. Therefore, results coming out from the state Electoral College votes should point to an Obama lead, perhaps more surprising that could have been anticipated.

On the negative side, Saturn representing limitation, restriction and experience is in a T-square with both natal Jupiter and Mercury. This configuration has been affecting the president at the beginning of October but has, however, already peaked. At 4 deg in Scorpio, this saturnine transit is happening in House XI of the higher mind and reflects the difficulties which the president has been experiencing in advocating his case for a second term in office. His lacklustre performance in the first debate and the subsequent loss of campaign momentum illustrate well the importance of this aspect. Of note Saturn is also gradually coming into conjunction with Natal Neptune, and the natal solar square will be activated again. As a far post election event, it may bring health concerns for the president, which will need to be dealt with both physically and psychologically.

The two slow planets left for consideration are Neptune and Pluto. With the former, it is potentially strong in its sign of rulership Pisces. While it will move later in the New Year to oppose the president natal Pluto, however, at this crucial point in time it is in an almost exact trine to radical Venus. Consequently, we should expect a surge of tide toward the incumbent candidate from the population at large since Venus is the ruler of House VI. More importantly, this aspect denotes a subtle, compassionate and magnetic influence emerging behind the mask of his personality as caring, humane and protective.

Finally, Pluto which is indeed the ruler of his tenth House of career and public standing is transiting House ix in the sign of Capricorn of high office. Again, the activity of this house relates to democracy, social interaction and wishes. Being in a sextile aspect to transiting Saturn and squaring Uranus, the configuration currently affects the all world. It indicates powerful radical upheavals in action for the sake of freedom matched with an equally intense desire for stabilisation. Fortunately, Pluto's transit trine the president natal Pluto and, as such, is astrologically a good omen for his destiny to maintain status.

By progression, the sun is well aspected to Natal Jupiter, Mercury and Moon, but in this instance squares Natal Venus. Interestingly, both natal Jupiter and Saturn fall in the tenth House of the progressed chart. While this configuration puts the President in a winning position, the prospects of drawback with female voters must be considered.

To conclude, it is reasonable to state that overall there are enough positive influences to bear upon the president birth chart at this juncture to secure electoral success, carrying with it definite undertone of karmic forces.

Source data of birth chart is taken from the official Birth Certificate of the President. The natal/transit is erected at 0.00 U.V. on 7/11/2012 to fall in line with the beginning of counting in the United States.


© 2012 Jose Peroumal

Email: jospero042@yahoo.com.au

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