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Will Football "Come Home"?

Plus - Afterward!!!

An assessment of England's chances in the football World Cup written in March 2010 for the July/August edition of The Astrological Journal. The actual outcome offers complementary insights into the nature of both astrological prediction and football:

Firstly Fabio Capello's astrology showed clearly that expectations based on performances in the previous year were certainly over-optimistic – especially because the favourable Jupiter had moved on. To win over-confident egocentricity about past successes had to be put aside.  Good relationships and exceptionally selfless team work were needed; supporting each other for the greater good. This was the way to transcend more difficult aspects. Millions of supporters and the media knew this and gave it all they could with extravagant patriotic symbolism that expressed the national chart transits.

Unfortunately the players looked isolated, even haunted men who were following orders. The manager's body language expressed an inner nightmare that seemed to have little relevance to the team. The many millions spent on by officials and supporters came to nothing. Patriotic hopes were merely full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Money can't buy you love, nor even success it seems! Only when British football and footballers see beyond it and work for each other again will winning ways return.

Will Football "Come Home"? - Original Article

Pinning down the variables is the first difficulty in assessing the outcome of team competitions. Who will be playing or injured? The complex issues of synastry can easily lead to being drowned by the detail. It is much easier to focus upon factors that are unlikely to change– the chart of the team manager or, in international competitions, the nation's horoscope.

Chart for Capello

Fabio Capello's birth and progressed charts show why it was so easy for the England team he manages to do well in 2008/9. Transiting Jupiter was making multiple air grand trines to the Gemini and Libra planets in both charts and building to a conjunction to his natal MC – the news could not have been much better?  Will this continue in 2010?

Chart for World Cup Final

The final of the finals is scheduled to kick off at 20:30 EET*. Allowing for the interval and some added time, the result may be known by 22:30, although, with the angles applying to cardinal with Pluto near MC and Uranus/Jupiter on the ascendant, a rather sensational extra time period is very possible.

The connections with Capello's chart are no where near so easy to see as in 2009. In the run up period, transiting Mercury and then the Sun will cross his Mercury, Saturn and Venus, but either will be past or short of exact connections on the final day. His secondary progression chart for the day offers more hope. The Jupiter/Uranus transit is near (possibly on) the ascendant of the end of “the final” and trines his progressed Saturn. Could this be enough to wrestle a victory from very trying grand cross formed by the dominant transiting Aries/Cancer/Capricorn t-square to his natal and progressed Libran planets? Certainly the Leo stellium in the progressed chart suggests far more success when Jupiter is fully established in Aries in 2011.

So, the manager's chart suggests that England should do well and they almost certainly would have won if the competition had taken place in 2009. However, July 2010 may well be too late or early for the ultimate triumph to be enjoyed.

UK Chart

But in typical British "never say die" fashion, let us seek better news in the 1066 and 1801 UK Charts.

The cardinal struggle of the day of the final is certainly focussed close to the Capricorn UK MC, Sun and Mercury. Also transiting Saturn, having transited the Virgo stellium is exactly opposed to the UK Moon in the 12th house - more disappointment for the nation? Maybe, but not necessarily! The Ascendant for 22:30 is, to the degree, conjunct the progressed Mars and Jupiter/Uranus are conjunct progressed node and applying to conjunct progressed MC and Sun.

Put it all together and one gets the impression of a mammoth struggle to achieve something, for which the time is agonisingly not yet right.

However, if there is any beneficial reason for looking at the astrology of any person, group or enterprise, it is to enhance achievement by advancing understanding of what confronts us. Maybe things were too easy in 2009, do not get overconfident. In 2011, the team will be even stronger. This year will require a major effort to succeed. Knowing all this, we may just pull it off!


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