Speakers for local groups

Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is a classics and philosophy graduate from the University of Tasmania and the author of Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins) and Handbag Horoscopes (Penguin). She is the astrologer for Harpers' Bazaar online and Cosmopolitan and began her career writing horoscopes for Vogue and Elle in Australia and Asia. She is available to speak for three months every year anywhere in the UK. Topics: Discover the Roman asteroids and dwarf planets - complete the gaps in the family tree of astrology in your chart with Jupiter's children, Saturn's wife and Pluto's mother-in-law; How to use Sun Sign astrology to run a successful horoscope business on the internet; The Nature of time, clocks, calendars and why astrology might work.
Website: www.jessicaadams.com Email: jessicacadams@gmail.com Telephone: 0061 456 159 731.

Gabrial Blass

Gabriel Blass: Studying astrology since 1987. Certificate Faculty of Astrological Studies and Roy Allin Award 1997. Numerous talks/classes on natal, relationship and medical astrology. Lectured at the AA Conference 2011 on "Medical Astrology and Homeopathy". Graduated in Medicine in 1988. In homeopathic practice in Glasgow since 1998. Currently researching medical astrology. Topic: Seminars on Medical Astrology. Looking at how planetary energies translate into illnesses, with charts, case examples and remedies.
Email: happydoc4-astrology@yahoo.co.uk Tel 01355 239 287. Glasgow-based. Would consider travelling for weekend seminars.

Marilyn Burnett

Marilyn Burnett Dip. APA., MAPAI. Following a successful career in retailing holding executive positions, where Marilyn developed her communication skills, she has now turned her attention to her great love, astrology. Having qualified as an Astrological Psychology Consultant she now practices and teaches the Huber Method, helping people discover their unconscious motivations and innate talents. Topics: Who are we really? Our Unconscious Motivations; 'Life Clock'...The Huber Method of Age Progression; The Dynamic Energy Curve in the Houses. Email: astrofocus@talktalk.net Website: www.astrofocus.co.uk Tel: 01903 774603/07814 516119. Based in Angmering, West Sussex, Travel radius: 30 miles.

Jonathon Clark

Jonathon Clark qualified as a chartered accountant and worked as independent financial adviser for 26 years. Now a Registered Life Planner (www.alohalifeplanning.com). Astrology has been a vocation since 1987, student of Kabbalah since 1992. Diploma in Traditional Astrology, has given many talks and workshops and published articles in a wide range of magazines. Author of ebook Horary Astrology for Business - see www.jonathonclark.com. Has run a monthly astrology group in London since 2005. Topics covered: Astrology as it relates to: sport, art, music, literature, art, cinema, business, money. Horary, Astro*Carto*Graphy, Event Charts, Mundane, Kabbalistic Astrology. Email: jc@jonathonclark.co.uk Phone: 07931-501526 Lives in North London. Will travel 50 miles.

Faye Cossar

Faye Cossar is a counselling astrologer and therapist who also uses astrology in business. Her practical approach described in her book Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile has made Faye a sought-after speaker internationally. She runs The Amsterdam School of Astrology and holds an MA in Cultural Astrology and Astrology. Main topics include: vocation, siblings, astrolocality, Ceres, Huber Age Point, business astrology. I can give talks on most astrological topics.
Email: faye@asastrology.nl Tel: 31(0)20-6206244 Amsterdam the Netherlands - happy to travel anywhere that is easy to get to with public transport from an airport.

Hedley England

Hedley England has been studying astrology for over thirty years. He has an interest in finding new methods of prediction, to uncover why events happen and see what makes astrology tick. He published Degrees of Flight in 2004, exploring the links between aviation events and astrology, and discovered new prediction techniques and the importance of the black moon. Talking experience: Astro lecture at the Astrological Lodge. Teaching experience with classes between 5 and 20 students on film-making and TV production. Topics: Aviation astrology - how major events are linked to the first flight chart of the Wright Brothers in 1903; The importance of the black Moon and its position in your natal chart,;Composite chart analysis with a view to predict.
Contact: hedleyengland@lineone.net Mobile: 07984616711, Based in Horley, Surrey. Will travel 40 miles.

Sue Fletcher

Sue Fletcher: I have been an astrologer for twenty years and I have counselling, teaching, life Coaching qualifications and a NVQ in training and development. I worked for the Psychic Circle for ten years, featured in the Sunday Mail and wrote a sun sign column. I regularly do talks. Topics - The Four Liliths: Position in the sky , myth, meaning, interpretation; Using Astrology to create a Vocational Profile. I live in Bedford and would be prepared to travel any distance as long as travel expenses are covered. If it was a long way maybe someone could put me up overnight.
Email astrology-sue@talktalk.net Website: www.astrologysue.com Telephone: 01234 589615 or 07788982737.

Roy Gillett

Roy Gillett: President - Astrological Association in Great Britain. Full-time astrologer since 1976, experienced international conference and local group speaker; writes the bi-monthly Astrological Journal "Working with the Planets" column; UK distributor Solar Fire software. Books: Astrology and Compassion the Convenient Truth, Economy Ecology and Kindness, The Secret Language of Astrology.

Topics include: Making Friends with Astrology - Looking at individual charts, synastry and generational planets to see other peoples' needs, fears and pleasures through their eyes, The Astrology of a New World Economy - Pluto-in-Capricorn period progress report; a new ethical world economy or short term OR debt-driven avoidance tactics leading to future disaster, April 2014 Post Mortem- Have Lessons been Learned for the Rest of the Decade - How will what has happened unravel? What is the best way to handle key astro events to come?, Astrology, Karma and Reincarnation - Explanations that combine Tibetan Buddhist philosophy with western astrology, illustrated by the assessment of famous peoples' charts.

Babs Kirby

Babs Kirby MA, DFAstrolS, FAPAI, is a writer, astrologer and lecturer. Babs was Vice President of the Faculty (1989-1998) was a member of the Sophia Trust Steering Committee and is a UT trustee. Babs has published numerous articles and books, including Interpreting Solar and Lunar Returns, Experiential Astrology and 21st Century Star Signs. Topics: Any based on my books plus a full list of topics can be found on my website: www.babskirby.com
Email: babskirby@gmail.com Tel: 01305 766889. Weymouth area + 100 miles.

Sally Kirkman

Sally Kirkman has worked as an astrologer for 25 years writing horoscopes in the national media & consulting clients worldwide. A certified astrologer, Sally trained with the Company of Astrologers based in London. She has recently returned to teaching & talks after a break of 12 years. Topics: Sun Sign Girls; the World of Media Astrology; Working with Clients - (both talks aimed at beginners).
Website: www.sallykirkman.comEmail: sallykirkman@yahoo.co.uk. Telephone: (01483) 893366, Area: Guildford, Surrey (willing to travel 100 miles).

Sharon Knight

Sharon Knight MA. QHP. FAPAI. Sac Dip (Phytotherapy): I am a traditional astrologer and have spoken to various groups, including The Lodge and at the AA Conference. Currently Chair of the APAI and edit the quarterly newsletter. I run monthly workshops on Traditional/Classical astrology and have a regular slot on local radio. Also taught astrology in London at Adult Education. I am happy to speak on all aspects of astrology: mundane, horary, electional, medical, history, natal, Ancient and medieval techniques.
Email: astrologersharon@aol.com www.astrologersharon.co.uk. Tel: 01825 750733. I live in East Sussex, close to Haywards Heath, Lewes and Tunbridge Wells. I am happy to travel up to a 70 mile radius, more if undertaking a workshop. London & SE. Will Travel further if expenses are paid and overnight stay can be arranged.

Sally Lloyd

Sally Lloyd: I have been interested in and working with astrology for over thirty years. I have given talks on both the history and on how the planets are expressed in our lives to groups and at public events. I hold a Diploma from the Mayo School in Natal and Mundane Astrology. I can talk on most topics of astrology from its history to the current day.
Email: Sally@astropathways.co.uk Tel: 01884 252255 Area: Tiverton, Devon. Travel: 30 - 50 miles.

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell has had a life-long interest in astrology, and has a PhD from the University of Leicester looking at Jewish and Arabic influences in English medieval astrology. He holds the Diploma in Medieval Astrology from Astrologos and has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University College. He is a Board Member of the Astrological Association, and is a regular speaker at a number of astrology groups and conferences worldwide, and has written a number of published articles both for astrological publications and the local press Email: chrissouthville@gmail.com

Tahran Read
Tahran Read was born in Durban, South Africa in 1987. He has worked as a Petroleum Reservoir Engineer for the last several years. He uses both western and eastern astrology with an emphasis on practical advice. He has given talks online, in South Africa, Poland, and various parts of the UK. See www.spicastrology.com/about-tarhan for list of Talks, Workshops, and Webinars. I can topic talk on request. Email address: info@spicastrology.com Phone number: 07711880634
I live in South Norwood, London, SE25 6LB and I am willing to travel to see as much of the UK countryside as possible. For locations more than 2-3 hours travel from my location, a bed for the night or suggested discounted BnB would be preferred. I don't need anything fancy, and I am vegetarian-friendly.

Christina Rodenbeck

Christina Rodenbeck writes the highly regarded blog The Oxford Astrologer, which has a substantial following within the astrological community, as well as a broad popular readership. She examines high and low culture, politics and personalities through the lens of astrology. She has been an astrologer for many years, but has only lately taken to the lectern. She has spoken at Aquarius Severn several times, the Oxford Astrology Group and the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford. Topics - all my talks are feasts for the eye as well as the mind: The Astrology of Dracula and Frankenstein; The Impressionists; Ceres Calling; The Egyptian Uprising; Art in the era of Neptune in Pisces.
Email: c.rodenbeck@yahoo.com. Lives in Oxford. I would be willing to travel a reasonable distance depending on my schedule.

Janet Sauders

Janet Saunders is based in Edinburgh.I offer one to one consultations and classes; am a member of the Board of Directors of the SAA (Scottish Astrological Association); a regular speaker and active in the development of the Association's web presence. My astrology is enriched by shamanism, mysticism, child and adult development, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and "the work that reconnects". Speaking topics: Chiron through the houses - the shaman in the chart; The astrology of the labyrinth; Living with the Asteroid Goddesses; Neptune - pathway to ecstasy. I am happy to travel throughout the UK provided all expenses are met. I have a senior rail card. I am happy to offer talks, workshops and consultations.
Email Janet.saunders@blueyonder.co.uk website www.astrologer-edinburgh.co.uk

Wendy Stacey

Wendy Stacey BA, MA, Dip LSA is the principal of the Mayo School of Astrology and tutor for the London School of Astrology. She is the Chairperson for the Astrological Association of Great Britain. Author of Consulting With Astrology and Uranus Square Pluto. Several years' experience in lecturing worldwide and media including TV and radio in the UK and abroad. Topics: Anything on natal astrology, mundane, financial and business, research.
Website: www.wendystacey.com , Email: wendy@wendystacey.com, Tel: 07956 629092. Based in London, will consider travelling any distance within the UK.

Sue Tompkins

Sue Tompkins: Experienced full-time practitioner. Teacher/lecturer at home & internationally. Author of best-selling titles: The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook and Aspects in Astrology. Qualifications: include: FAS diploma (1981), FAS fellowship (2000), BA (Hons) - humanities degree - mostly psychology. Counselling training. RS.Hom - e.g. Registered Homeopath (1997). Topics: Will consider anything contemporarily oriented.
Email: sue@suetompkins.com Tel: 0208 883 3460 website: www.suetompkins.com. Lives in north London. Happy to travel anywhere providing travel/overnight accommodation or any other expenses are covered if the distance warrants that.

Alex Trenoweth

Alex Trenoweth has studied astrology for thirty years. She has spoken at several local astrology groups and at international conferences in the UK, USA and India. On top of a busy consulting practice, she is a secondary school teacher, writer and musician. Her websites are www.alextrenoweth.com and www.alextrenoweth.blogspot.com. Alex is happy to teach a class on specific techniques but always has something interesting to talk about.

She lives in London and can be contacted on alex_trenoweth@hotmail.com or you can ring her on 07540244574 to discuss topics. Alex is happy to travel anywhere as long as she can put a plug in for her books and her travel fees are covered.

Dragana Van de Moortel-Ilic

Dragana Van de Moortel-Ilic has been working as a professional astrologer since 1990. Besides personal consultations, she offers astrological coaching for companies and professionals. She runs a school of astrology in Ghent, Belgium and she is active as a mentor at the Institute for Psychological Astrology in Slovenia and at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London. Topics: Natal chart interpretation, business astrology, Current position of slaw planets, their connection with happenings in the world and in personal lives.
Email: dragana.vandemoortel@gmail.com Tel: +32 9 22 77 036 (home), +32 49 810 8647 (mob). Based in Ghent, Belgium - miles not limited.

Julian Venables

Julian Venables was awarded the Faculty Diploma in 2010. He has given many talks at his local Brighton & Hove group where he has also taught beginners and intermediary astrology. He has also lectured at London, Bedford, Bosham and Beaconsfield groups, and internationally in Sydney, Melbourne, New York City and Atlanta. He writes a daily horoscope at Uinterview.com and is writing his first historical novel about William Lilly. "In 2014 I'm currently preparing a lecture on the Jupiter/Saturn 20 year cycles which I will soon present in London and Brighton. If you'd like this talk please let me know."
Email: julestheastrologer@gmail.com Mobile: 07881 425498. Travel: I have a car so as long as petrol is paid for then I could (in theory) go anywhere! I would be much keener to give talks if I was offered a spare bed/spare room after the talk so I can travel back the next day, then I would be glad to travel further. At the moment I would probably go no more than 100 miles from Brighton if I had to drive back (or catch the train) after the lecture. The other alternative is I could give an all day Saturday workshop 10am-4pm. Please email me to discuss options.

Louise Vergette-Lynn: Louise has been involved with astrology since the late 1980s and is current chair of Exeter Astrology Group in Devon. She speaks for her own group, gives consultations part-time and teaches basic astrology locally. She works to raise awareness of social media among astrologers and to connect local groups online. Topics: Experiential astrology, Uranus-Pluto in natal charts - exploring themes when the heavyweight pairing is personalised in the chart.
Email: astrolou67@gmail.com Tel: (01392) 969235, Area: Exeter, Devon. Happy to travel - distance dependent on somewhere to stay if more than a hundred miles, and possibly help with expenses.

Phoebe Wyss

Phoebe Wyss has been an astrologer for donkey's years and is an experienced public speaker. She's the author of an astrology board game, numerous articles on astrology and two books with a third in the pipeline. Phoebe founded the Brighton local group in 2006, and was its chairman for seven years. She would like to speak on the archetypal approach to astrology, sacred geometry and ancient cosmologies. She is based in Brighton and is willing to travel to anywhere in England to speak as long as she is offered over-night accomodation, and her train fare (advance fare, senior rail card) is included in her fee. Email: astrophoebe@btinternet.com Tel 01273-417997.