In The Loop October 2017

Rober AndersonWelcome to the October issue of In The Loop.

Patricia Godden has just published a book, Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality, and we are delighted to be able to publish some excerpts from it here.

James Brockbank has a particular interest in Hellenistic astrology, and his article 'Time Lords in Hellenistic Astrology' delves into some of the techniques that he uses.

Anton D'Abreu has spent years writing a book on the links between planetary cycles and stages in human development. In 'Defining Generations', he writes about planetary cycles in 20thC popular music.

And finally, there is news about the AA Library - it has moved!


Astrological Education in Scools by Graham Ibell.

Graham Ibell has been teaching astrology in Steiner schools in New Zealand and the UK; here he shares his experiences and results. Recorded at the 2017 Astrological Association conference. The MP3 is accompanied by a PDF which you can also download.

Robert Anderson

In The Loop Editor